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The following is a collection of testimonials given by actual former Western Beauty Institute students and graduates.

The instructors here are always helpful. WBI offered the courses I needed, not just to become a barber, but to become a world class barber. My business keeps growing and growing because of the excellent skills I learned from them.


I have always had a fascination for the world of beauty. Coming to this school I realized how much I still have to learn, and I always find myself in the best disposition. The school offers events and competitions in which I have participated since I was a freshman. WBI helped me develop the skills I needed to succeed. Thanks WBI!


My big dream was to obtain my license and become a cosmetologist. WBI helped me achieve my goal of working in a salon that I love! WBI, you guys were awesome!


I am now about to open my own salon thanks to the wonderful people at WBI. The Las Vegas Hair and Nail Show helped me realize my dreams. I will continue forward and participate whenever I'm given the opportunity.


Being a barber has been my dream since I can remember. I enrolled at WBI in June 2006 and since then by the grace of God my talents have flourished. I have participated in many shows and competitions here at WBI, and as a senior I obtained first place in the SuperCuts Style Competition. Thank you WBI for helping me realize that my dreams can become a reality.


My most memorable experience was when I was a freshman. I entered my first contest styling my mannequin's hair. That was the first competition I was recognized in when my mannequin's head was chosen and displayed at Harris Gottschalks in the Mall. I was ecstatic! Thereafter every show or competition that was put on by WBI, I entered. Best experience ever!


I have really enjoyed my time at WBI. The schedules offered by them have allowed me to go to school and still care for my family. They really treat everyone as a valued individual.


I compared many beauty colleges, and found WBI superior in every way. Their programs were comprehensive and they followed through with their commitment to provide financial aid. WBI has changed my life.


I didn't know if I had what it takes to become a hairstylist. But after speaking to the professionals at WBI, I know I can not only do the work, but make a good salary doing it. Thanks WBI for giving me the confidence to try a new career.


Western Beauty Institute gave me everything I needed to complete my dream. My dream is to be a great stylist at my own salon. And in about one month my dream comes true. I will open my very own salon.


I always wanted to cut hair. Even in high school I would find myself cutting my friends’ hair. WBI made it possible to actually make a career out of what I love to do!