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Does Hair Trimming Make Your Hair Grow?

Have you ever wondered what kind of shampoo Rapunzel used? Like seriously what was this girl’s hair regiment?? I don’t have the details on the ins and outs of Rapunzel, but one of the real secrets to hair growth is frequent hair trimming. It seems unlikely, but in order to grow you must cut. Hair trimming hair growth. I want to stress from the outset that hair trimming does not actually …Read More

Student Shout-Out: Nails by Anastasiia

  We’d like to proudly acknowledge one of our stand out manicuring students, Anastasiia, who has done phenomenal work throughout her Nail Technology program and will be graduating next Wednesday! You have probably seen her work on our Instagram page! She really enjoys creating intricate nail designs that always have an artistic flair. Nails by Anastasiia definitely stand out!     Nail biting is a difficult habit to break and sometimes …Read More

Heat & Your Hair

Heat damage is real, and it can lead to a lot hair problems. But, you don’t have to lock up your flat iron to avoid it. Check out these 5 hair tips to keep your hair healthy and hot (in the good way, pun intended), no matter the temperature.   Heat Protector Just like sunblock wards off sunburn, the same can be done for your hair. You can apply moisturizers …Read More

Hair Color Treatments

When I lived with my parents, my Mom told me I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair under any circumstances. She also said no tattoos, curfew at 11, and finish your homework before you could do anything else. I had a good Mom; she didn’t take no mess. But now that I’m older, I’ve had purple hair, pink hair, and even some crazy blonde streaks. I think even my Mom …Read More

Best 2017 Summer Nail Colors

School’s out, you want your nails to look amazing, and you’ve finally achieved the perfect beach body. Okay, maybe two out of three. Wherever your summer travels take you, your nails need to be polished and ready. The key to picking some good nail colors for the summer is knowing your color palette, not being afraid to try new things, and finding something that makes every outfit pop! We’ve picked …Read More

Barber and Manicuring Program Discounts

We are offering our Barbering Arts & Manicuring programs at reduced prices! Our Cosmetology tuition special has ended! We’ve decided to extend the offer to our other programs based on the success of our last tuition offer. For the month of June only, our Barber Arts and Nail Technology programs will be offered at a discounted rate! We are offering: $1300 off our Barber Arts program $700 off our Nail …Read More

Finish School Debt Free

Student Loans aren’t a joke, but neither is your future. If you want a career in cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, or esthetics, school is just something you are going to have to push through. A top beauty school could cost you as much as 20,000. It’s going to take a lot haircuts to pay off that loan, but there is another way.  Western Beauty Institute offers a way to finish …Read More

Benefits of our Blackberry Facial!

JUNE FACIAL SPECIAL For the month of June, we will be offering a special Blackberry facial for only $28 at our Woodland Hills location only! Get very berry ready for summer with this antioxidant rich facial treatment! Enjoy our blackberry facial for a supreme antioxidant treatment perfect for our warm days ahead!   Blackberries are high in vitamins and minerals, providing vital nourishment for skin, hair and body! For now, …Read More

First Female Barber Battle Competitor at Barristar

She is the first female barber competitor in Barristar hair show! Participating in a student barber competition for the first time takes a lot of courage, which is not something miss Kateryna lacks! Her confidence and energy were contagious at the competition and she gave it her best. We are very proud of her achievement at Barristar barber battle. Kateryna created a very unique cut on model, Juan, that definitely stood …Read More

WBI Cosmetology Student Team Competition at Barristar

Western Barber Institute and Western Beauty Institute competed in the Barristar barber and cosmetology competitions. The categories included barber battle, pre-done mannequin and student team cosmetology competition. Enjoy this video compilation of our two cosmetology student team entries who created a mermaid-inspired look and a butterfly-inspired look.