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WBI March Facial Special

Try our custom Green Tea facial this month! The benefits of Green Tea aren’t just the luck of the Irish! Green Tea is anti-aging and hydrating! Our custom green tea mask infused with honey and fresh lemon leaves your skin supple and feeling more firm and bright! Green tea can also be used to treat acne-prone skin and remove excess dirt and dead skin cells for a fresher, smoother complexion. It …Read More

Congrats To Our Latest Graduates!

That time has come to say farewell to another round of WBI graduates. This group of talent will be dearly missed but they are now off to pursue careers in their fields of choice. We know they will make us proud and we can’t wait to see what they do next! All the best to all of you! Overall, it was a great celebration of all the hard work these …Read More

WBI Event: Haircuts For The Elderly

We often like to pay it forward by providing free salon services to those in our community. Western Beauty Institute has been doing community events with Community Integration Services in Granada Hills for years. Here are some photos from our most recent event where our cosmetology students provided free haircuts and manicures for the elderly. We intend to do an event like this about every 2 months.  

Benefits of an Oxygen Facial

The oxygen facial is one of the newest and most innovative treatments  in skin care and just one of the many esthetics treatments offered at Western Beauty Institute.The facial is designed to transport oxygen in the form of mist creating a light, noninvasive treatment. WBI’s clients are able to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and obtain a more radiant look.  This treatment is beneficial to all skin types. Here are some of the …Read More

How The Future of Barbering Looks For You

The venerable small business trade of the barbershop is changing. Over the last 30 years the number of barbershops in the United States were in a long decline. However, since 2001 the industry has been making a slow resurgence and the number of new Barbershops are on the rise. How have they managed to turn the industry decline around? By reinventing themselves by offering services that appeal to what consumers …Read More

What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Did you know that signs of certain health conditions show up in your fingernails? Surprisingly, many illnesses and disease can affect the look of your nails. Small distinctions in the shape, size, texture and the color of your fingernails can provide clues into a deeper problem you may not be aware of. Here are some signs and what they mean: Nail Clubbing: Nails normally curve at a slight upward angle …Read More

WBI Is Back and Enrolling Now!!!

We are proud to announce that WBI is back and open for enrollment for our new campuses in Woodland Hills and Van Nuys! Our Woodland Hills campus offers the following courses: Barbering Arts Barbering Crossover Cosmetology Cosmetology Crossover Esthetics (Skin Care) Nail Technology Educator Training Barber Crossover Our Van Nuys campus offers the following courses: Barbering Arts Barbering Crossover Call us at 877-924-4968 to get more information on enrollment and financing options. …Read More

Where Can A Cosmetology License Take You?

When you choose to attend Western Beauty Institute you are opening up a whole new world; not just in your career but across the nation. California is one of the more than 35 member states of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology. This means Western Beauty Institute’s cosmetology students can use their license as far away as frozen Alaska thanks to the NIC (dyar.no). Want to change …Read More