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Hair Color Treatments

When I lived with my parents, my Mom told me I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair under any circumstances. She also said no tattoos, curfew at 11, and finish your homework before you could do anything else. I had a good Mom; she didn’t take no mess. But now that I’m older, I’ve had purple hair, pink hair, and even some crazy blonde streaks. I think even my Mom …Read More

Finish School Debt Free

Student Loans aren’t a joke, but neither is your future. If you want a career in cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, or esthetics, school is just something you are going to have to push through. A top beauty school could cost you as much as 20,000. It’s going to take a lot haircuts to pay off that loan, but there is another way.  Western Beauty Institute offers a way to finish …Read More

What Will I Learn in WBI Nail Technology Program?

Do you love doing nails and are always getting compliments on your cool nail designs? It might be time to start thinking about becoming a licensed nail technician! It’s the perfect time to start researching schools to find the program most suitable for you! WBI has been educating students in the arts of cosmetology, barbering, nail technology and esthetics (skin care) for almost 60 years. We offer an intensive and comprehensive program to …Read More

The Art of Contouring

Have you ever wanted to know how to give your face that sculpted, “Kardashian-esque” shape? Every day while scrolling through our instagram accounts or flipping through magazines we see beautiful models that look perfectly airbrushed with high check bones and narrow faces. Now as we all know, not everyone is born with the same beautiful face shape. This leaves us with the question- how do they do it? The answer …Read More