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The Art of Color Correction

Have you ever wondered what color correction is and how it can be helpful to you as a stylist? Color correction is something that can be used during any artistic outlet that involves color. Knowing color correction pertains to me personally because I am aiming to become a stylist, more specifically a colorist. I would use the theory of color correction to assist me during the art of make up application …Read More

Underarm Lightening

‘Tis the season of exposed underarms! Summer is here and sleeves are getting shorter and shorter. It’s only natural to begin exposing more skin as the weather gets hotter. Dark underarms can become a real problem when deciding whether to wear that cute new tube top or hide your underarms in sleeved shirts. This will help you ditch the embarrassment of that darkened skin and confidently raise your arms to …Read More

The Man, The Myth, and the Bun

Is it just a weird stage in between short hair and Fabio locks? Is it for hipsters or cool kids? Or is it just hairstyle that is here to stay. The man bun has know become so popular that now there are clip-on man buns. Please don’t do this though… it just means you are trying waaayyy too hard. So is it a fashion yes or a no. It depends …Read More

Does Hair Trimming Make Your Hair Grow?

Have you ever wondered what kind of shampoo Rapunzel used? Like seriously what was this girl’s hair regiment?? I don’t have the details on the ins and outs of Rapunzel, but one of the real secrets to hair growth is frequent hair trimming. It seems unlikely, but in order to grow you must cut. Hair trimming hair growth. I want to stress from the outset that hair trimming does not actually …Read More

New Season, New Look from WBI!

      The weather is warming up which means no more hiding indoors from the cold in jackets and beanies. Why not try a new look to match all of the beautiful new flowers blooming this season? A fresh new hairstyle is the perfect way to welcome the new season. Our Cosmetology program is at our Woodland Hills and Reseda locations and our Cosmetology students have been working hard …Read More

How to Choose the Correct Hair Extensions

One of my favorite services is hair extensions. You can completely transform someones look with hair extensions. I learned to give a more thorough consultation through taking classes at WBI and through trial and error. Not every type of hair extensions work on different hair types and lifestyles. One lesson I learned after having a cop as a client is that a sew in weave was not going to work …Read More

The Perfect Winged Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect winged liner? Whenever I am walking down the street, watching my favorite television shows, or even scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed I always see women who have mastered the art of the winged liner! Now you may ask- how do these women get their lines as sharp as blades? The first step is all in figuring out what your eye shape …Read More

My Journey in Cosmetology

Before enrolling at Western Beauty Institute I had a lot of questions in my mind. I asked myself- is this the right career for me? Is this something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life? How will I know that I will always enjoy doing this career? In December 2015 I decided to stop asking myself “what if” and took the steps necessary to get my …Read More

What Will I Learn In WBI Cosmetology Program?

You’ve always been interested in beauty and have even thought about finally pursuing a license in Cosmetology. Now it’s time to start researching schools to find the program most suitable for you! WBI has been educating students in the arts of cosmetology, barbering, nail technology and esthetics (skin care) for almost 60 years. We offer an intensive and comprehensive program to prepare you for a career you’ll love. You’re only …Read More