The same way we remember to brush our teeth every morning, we should also be remembering to do some basic skin care practices. There is no one-size-fits-all skin care routine but we’ve listed some of the basics to get you started. These daily simple practices won’t take more than five to ten minutes out of your entire day! Not only are they quick but very essential for building a solid foundation of skin care. Your smooth, hydrated, healthy skin will thank you later!


  1. Cleanse:

    Use a gentle cleanser to remove excess oils and dirt from the skin in the morning and at night before bed. You should also exfoliate a couple times a week to remove build-up.

  2. Moisturize:

    Hydrated skin is healthy skin. In the same way your body needs water, your skin needs daily moisturizing to prevent dry, cracked skin and reduce signs of aging.

  3. Don’t neglect your lips:

    Use a moisturizing lip balm several times, every day, to avoid chapped lips. Is there anything more annoying than peeling skin off your lips? Choose one that has SPF in it for extra protection, too. (Yes, lips can get sunburned.)

  4. Use sunscreen:

    Any amount of sun exposure can be damaging to the skin, especially in the summer. Most people only apply sunscreen when going to the beach but really, it should be a daily practice.

Remember skin care should be just as routine as brushing your teeth. Try out these essential practices and tell us about what works for you!


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