It’s Women’s History Month!

This week we want to give a special shoutout to our future female leaders at Western Beauty Institute! Our talented ladies are already making waves in the industry.

Barbering was not always so welcoming to women but now there are more than ever! It’s been a long road for many female barbers out there and we are happy to represent so many talented and brave barber students.

We decided to talk to a few of our female barber students to gain some insight into their experience in the industry so far!

Alondra C. (pictured above) WBI barber student:

“At times I feel it can be a little difficult working with men, because the men feel since I am a female barber, that I will not perform the service correctly. I show them that I am capable of cutting men’s hair and prove to them that female barbers can also cut hair. ”

“Barbering caught my attention a little more than Cosmetology. The fact that we do not have to do much haircoloring in Barbering. I enjoy cutting men’s hair and men hair is easier than woman’s hair.”

“I have a positive outlook and know that I will improve and do my best working as a female barber, in a male dominant industry.”

Alondra provides amazing service at WBI! We look forward to witnessing her growth as a barber during her training.

“Being a female in a male dominated industry was a little intimidating at first but if you are about that hair life and passionate, that shines through, and the guys respect that.”

“Being a female in this industry has more positives than negatives. I often get clients in my chair saying, “I trust you, you’re the professional and you’re female, so you’ll know what looks good.”

Kat is now a licensed barber providing quality cuts at True Gents Barbershop. She chose barbering because she loves hair and had about 10 years experience doing women’s hair!

To learn more about how you can get started on your career in the barber industry, call us at (818)578-6344.