We don't want licensed graduates we want working professionals. If you are waiting to take your licensing exam or already passed, now is the time to start looking for work. In the cosmetology industry 50% of licensed individuals leave the profession in 6 months due to bad or non-job opportunities. We've created a job placement directory with salons and shops we have PERSONALLY met with and interviewed, so you know exactly where to go for career fulfillment. 


If you've found what looks like a great opportunity putting your best foot forward during an interview can make all the difference. Get a list of tips and tricks to utilize, so you can make the "cut" during any job interview.


Once a part of the WBI family, always a part of the WBI family. If you've got a great job, are looking for work, or are opening your own shop, let us know!  We can help : ) or add you to our Wall of Fame.  We celebrate the successes of our alumni and look for opportunities to aid our students after they've left us. If you want to e-mail us to let us know where you are or to get advice on things you're facing. We are here. 


We post the majority of our non-directory opportunities on our social sites with the hashtag #wbijobs follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram and search the hashtag whenever you are on the lookout for employment.