School’s out, you want your nails to look amazing, and you’ve finally achieved the perfect beach body. Okay, maybe two out of three. Wherever your summer travels take you, your nails need to be polished and ready.

The key to picking some good nail colors for the summer is knowing your color palette, not being afraid to try new things, and finding something that makes every outfit pop!

We’ve picked out 5 amazing colors that’s sure to meet every girl’s inner nail color fantasies.

Coral – Orange

Maybe a more political color this season, but check all that stuff at the door. This summer’s orange is more peachy with pink undertones infused. It’s a must for any sort of beach or tropical weather.

Clothing Advice: Blue and green goes great with with this, trust me.


Banana Yellow

The color has the obvious connection to sunshine – a clean and punchy yellow can brighten up anybody’s day. Crazily enough, if you have the misfortune of summer rainy days, yellow nails seriously POP!

Clothing Advice: Goes really well with dark clothes like blacks, purples, and dark blues.


Margarita Lime Green

If you haven’t heard, green is in, just ask Al Gore. Green doesn’t just scream fun; it screams life. And if school or work woes have gotten you down, I’d say it’s time to grab life with your nails and start living it to the fullest. It’s a great contrast to other bright colors, and an instant beacon to whoever you might be trying to catch this season.

Clothing Advice: Don’t pair it with brown’s because it won’t highlight or amp up your outfit.


Glitter Never Dies

Sparkle! Not just a sub-par movie about the Supremes (I don’t recommend watching), but an anthem that everyone needs to have in their hearts. There is a reason why a bedazzler is still a number one accessory even with that terrible name. Glitter is gorgeous, and the extra spark might just be what you need to bring out that fun and wild-side to your personality.

Clothing Advice: If pairing with white clothes, make sure the glitter is mixed with a bright color.


Classic Red

Like the little black dress (a recommended pairing by the way), red nails will never go out of style. I’d look for a bright and spicy-red, not just your run of the mill rouge to wear for the summer.

Clothing Advice: Wear something hot cause your nails look gorgeous girl


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