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Here’s the latest from our WBI Nail Files! Perfectly manicured nails are their specialty! It’s a wonder the variety of creative, beautiful art that can be made on such a small canvas but our students always nail it! (pun intended). Nail care is offered at our Reseda location only. Whether you are visiting for a..

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One of the biggest perks of choosing a gel manicure over a basic manicure is longer lasting manicured nails. While regular nail polish tends to chip after the first day or two, gel nail polish  can last up to 7-10 days with proper care. However, one huge drawback is gel nail polish removal which is..

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You’ve decided your getting fake nails. It’s your sister’s best-friend’s niece’s bat mitzvah, so you have to look your best. No matter the reason, if your getting fake nails your going to have to make some choices. Gel or Acrylic? It’s like choosing between Edward and Jacob… I’m kidding, it has no similarities to that at..