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Student loans, shmudent loans! We have all heard at least one friend complain about student loan debt. Truth is, beauty students end up paying twice as much at schools that offer loans vs. schools that do not. And with interest? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Imagine the freedom of graduating without debt! By attending..

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We’ve all had made some terrible hair decisions. The military cut, the my little pony inspired purple hair dye, the pulled back look that just didn’t come back?? Thankfully, none of us are celebrities, so our bad decisions came and went. Let’s countdown the top 10 worst celebrity hair decisions. Let’s see if your number..

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Western Beauty Institute welcomes you to our redesigned home on the web! We have gone to great lengths to improve our website. It was time to refresh the look of the site, as well as update the content found on its pages. What does this redesign mean for our visitors?