Beauticians, hairdressers, stylists – whatever you call them, those employed in the field of cosmetology enjoy lots of perks. Some people simply aren’t cut out to sit at a desk all day or work on a production line. When you have the choice and are passionate about hair coloring, cutting, makeup, manicures and pedicures, why not earn a great income doing something you truly love? Not to mention all of the new people you get to meet – many of whom worship the stylists who make them look so polished!

If you’re considering a career in cosmetology, there are lots of perks – too many to list them all here, but we’ll highlight a few of them briefly:

Put your creativity to work! Whether applying makeup for prom night or engagement photos, giving a client an edgy, bold new cut, or transforming a client’s rough nails and hands into beautiful hands with perfect nails, those in cosmetology get to be a lot more creative than those in other industries. Transforming someone’s look is a fun adventure, and an ecstatic client is so rewarding.

Never have another boring moment at work. Nothing is harder than watching every second of the clock tick by. As a cosmetologist, this is something you don’t have to worry about, as most of the day is fast paced when you’re cutting, coloring, styling, and helping clients achieve the look they want. Hairstylists are a bit of a “different breed,” so the environment is one that’s always fun and exciting! Lots of gossip usually goes on as well, whether there’s any truth to it or it’s just stirring up a little fun controversy.

Who doesn’t love helping others look and feel their best? There’s nothing like a fresh color or cut or the latest makeup to make a client feel like a new person. The right makeup application, hair color, or cut can increase a person’s self-confidence. How people feel about themselves and their appearance is SO important, and the many thanks you’ll get from clients gives you great satisfaction and pleasure.

A career in cosmetology is not only fun and personally rewarding, many in the field enjoy a highly lucrative career financially. Whether you rent a booth, work on commission or an hourly rate, the tips you receive are often the largest percentage of your pay. Truly, when it comes to how much you’ll earn in the cosmetology field, they sky’s the limit!