We are now offering eyelash extensions for only $65!

Eyelash extensions are VERY long-lasting, probably much longer than you might think. With proper care, lashes can last up to 4-6 weeks! They are perfect for those of us who are fairly low maintenance when it comes to makeup. You won’t need mascara because your eyes will pop, every day all day! Oh, and the styles are pretty customizable.


You can go for a more natural look by choosing a shorter lash length with less curve or a bolder look with a longer lash length and deeper curve! You eyelash specialist will examine your real lashes and give you all the information you need about options and after care.


Properly care for extensions by combing

Use makeup wipes (not cotton) to remove eye makeup

Get them professionally removed


Get them wet for up to 48 hours after application

Tug or touch lashes excessively

Let moisture-rich or oily products touch lashes

Your eyelash extensions will only be applied by students who are certified already! This beauty trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and we are happy to offer to you at such an amazing price! This service is available at our Woodland Hills location only.


Call today to schedule your appointment at (818)703-1300.