Barberettes, Barbies, Barber Beauties or simply female Barbers are a rarity no longer! There aren’t many Barber girls in LA but it is only a matter of time until more women break into the barbering arts industry.

Some women are still discouraged because of stereotyping. They think men just want men to cut their hair. However, cutting men’s hair is a learned skill honed by experience and practice, just like cutting women’s hair is. Just because a hairstylist is a woman doesn’t make them better at cutting hair than their male colleague. The same can be said vice versa for Barbers.

Fact is, more and more beauty schools are offering Barber Crossover programs. This gives hairstylists of all genders a chance to expand and develop their craft. More and more females are attending and winning Barbering competitions. Female barbers are slowly but surely taking the industry by storm, debunking stereotypes and bridging the gender gap along the way. You go girls!

WBI’s own Barber Beauty’s Kat and Lisa!