Student Loans aren’t a joke, but neither is your future. If you want a career in cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, or esthetics, school is just something you are going to have to push through.

A top beauty school could cost you as much as 20,000. It’s going to take a lot haircuts to pay off that loan, but there is another way. ¬†Western Beauty Institute offers a way to finish school debt-free.

Financial aid is a help you now, kill you later kind of animal. Just ask anyone who is in their thirties, and still paying of Financial Aid loans they received over ten years ago.

We care about out students. And not just while they are in school with us, but we want them to make a successful transition in to their chosen field. Without the burden of tens of thousands of debt.

We aggressively connect with salons and shops to place students in a job after they are licensed. We attend events and contests to engage students in all aspects of the business.  And, we participate in community service events like haircuts for homeless, so our students know their degree stands for something.

With top instructors and an extremely well rounded curriculum, we offer the best to ensure success to our students.

Contact us on information on pricing, and how to avoid the burden of financial aid debt.

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