Gel or Acrylic – The Age Old Question

You’ve decided your getting fake nails. It’s your sister’s best-friend’s niece’s bat mitzvah, so you have to look your best. No matter the reason, if your getting fake nails your going to have to make some choices. Gel or Acrylic? It’s like choosing between Edward and Jacob… I’m kidding, it has no similarities to that at all.

Team Gel Nails

The Pros:

  • They Stay On
  • Natural Look
  • Flexibility

The Cons:

  • The Price
  • They STAY on (You need to soak them off or go to your manicurist)
  • If a nail breaks, it’s not really self-fixable

Team Acrylic Nails

The Pros:

  • Longer Lasting than Gels
  • Cheaper, more cost efficient

The Cons:

  • Can Damage Nail Underneath if used regularly or for long periods
  • Looks Fake
  • Uses strong chemicals and fumes

Always ask your nail tech if your fake nails are gel or acrylics, so you can get the lay of the land. If your nail tech doesn’t know, run girl and don’t go back.  A good nail tech will be able to give you the details on gel vs. acrylics, and give you a quality and beautiful nails no matter what you chose. Be wary that both require specific maintenance. Whichever you chose, rest assured your nails can and will be beautiful.

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