Have you ever wondered what kind of shampoo Rapunzel used? Like seriously what was this girl’s hair regiment?? I don’t have the details on the ins and outs of Rapunzel, but one of the real secrets to hair growth is frequent hair trimming. It seems unlikely, but in order to grow you must cut. Hair trimming hair growth.

I want to stress from the outset that hair trimming does not actually speed hair growth process. It makes hair healthier, less prone to breakage, dryness, and as a result your hair will grow more in a shorter period of time.

Here’s a few signs you might be in need of a trim regiment.


You aren’t supposed to lose clumps when you wash. If you find that you are, it might be time for a trim. Ask your stylist to take of the smallest amount possible to rid of your split ends. Keep this practice up regularly, and you’ll find a lot less breakage.


Dry hair is what happens before breakage. If your hair is frequently getting dry though, it’s possible you might need a better moisturizers or you could have a scalp condition (like I do). Talk to your hair stylist about your hair. See if trimming can help with the hair (that can’t be saved) and start afresh.


While we love our heat appliances, I think we all know that heat can cause damage. If you are using a lot of heat appliances daily, then you might be prone to split ends as a result. Talk to your stylist, and try some ways to avoid heat damage.


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