Heat damage is real, and it can lead to a lot hair problems. But, you don’t have to lock up your flat iron to avoid it. Check out these 5 hair tips to keep your hair healthy and hot (in the good way, pun intended), no matter the temperature.


Heat Protector

Just like sunblock wards off sunburn, the same can be done for your hair. You can apply moisturizers or sprays before using flat irons, curlers, etc… It keeps the hair goodness in and all of the bad heat damage out. The heat protectant¬†you should use will vary depending on your hair type, but take a look at this article that features the best 10 Heat Protectants of 2017.


Clean & Ready

This one may seem simple, but sometimes we miss the small stuff. Make sure both your hair and your appliance is clean. Product build-up can diminish the effectiveness of a curling iron or other heat appliances. This causes you to use the product more, therefore using more heat. And if your flat iron or curler isn’t clean, well… I think you get it.


Find Your Temperature

I have a friend who just turns it to 9 to “heat it up” then goes from there. BAD IDEA!! Always use a heat appliances that has more measurable levels not just High & Low, so you can chose exactly how hot you’re going to be. Also, try to learn what level is needed. Sometimes you may really only need a three or four just to tap and re-touch some day old curls. Always use the right amount of heat needed, not extra.


Move it Baby

Don’t curl your hair and hold it for thirty seconds. This is a terrible idea along with anything that makes your hair “smoke”. Keep the heat moving. It will still be just as an effective with a lot less damage.


Mix it up

You don’t have to flat iron your hair everyday. Trust me. Mixing up your style is not only fun and looks good, but it can be really healthy for your hair. Some days during the week let your natural curly, frizzy, ¬†or straight hair be. Or try some fun and crazy braids, twists, or up-dos. No matter what you do, give your hair a break from heat. She (or he) deserves it.