Sometimes you want to try out a new look but you are apprehensive because you do not want an “over the top” drastic change. The best way to give your hair some dimension is to add some highlights into your hair! For highlighting, if you have hair that is apart of the dark color group family (medium to dark brown, redheads), you could add a tone that is a few shades lighter into your hair by use of the weaving technique and foils, or you can paint the color on with the technique of balayage. Now, for everyone out there with light shades of hair, such as colors in the blonde family and light browns, wondering “Can I do this too?” “Is my hair too light for this process?”, the answer is no! You totally can!

To give your hair the dimension that you are craving, you can add low-lights to create dimension as well! With doing this, you are going to add color that is a few shades darker than your base color to give your hair a two-toned effect. Both highlights and lowlights can be achieved by the use of weaving with foils, and with balayage. The only difference between the using foils and balayage is that when you use foils, it creates a more controlled look than balayage does. When using foils, you know exactly which pieces of hair are going to be colored and what the end result will be whereas with balayage it is more free form and gives off a more laid-back, beach-like appearance. These popular looks can be worn year round but are predominately requested around spring and summer time. The amazing thing about them is that they look great on every hair texture and compliment every face shape. I would recommend this look for any client!