How to Achieve Full, Luscious Lips

Have you ever wanted to have full, pouty, luscious looking lips without the pain, hassle, risk, and long commitment of having to get lip injections done? I know first hand as someone with extremely thin lips that it is definitely something important as a woman to feel that you have great looking lips. Especially when I see all of these beautiful celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, (and not to mention the rest of the Kardashian clan), and pretty much every beauty blogger that you see online. Seeing all of these beauty women with either naturally full lips or even the women with natural looking injections, it makes me feel insecure about my own lips and wonder what I can do to enhance my own appearance. To get a Kyle Jenner-like appearance without the pain of getting injections, you can follow my few easy steps.

I start by getting a lip liner that is a shade darker than my natural tone. Then I line just the outside of the natural lip line with the lip pencil. Then also with the lip pencil, I make lines inside of my lips to contour my lips. I usually do three at the top and three at the bottom, all of them going vertically down the lips. After that, I get a matte lipstick that is slightly lighter and color of my lip pencil and apply it onto the entire lip. Then I rub my lips together to blend the liner and the lipstick together. It is important to make sure to use a matte lip stick and not a glossy one because the gloss will not blend with the liner. The, dab some highlighter at the center of your bottom lip to create a focal point, and a little bit of the highlighter as well on the top center for your lips to get that true pouty effect. Then you are camera ready! This tip will give you that confidence that you crave without the commitment or the chemicals in you body. Whenever I use this method when applying my lipstick I always feel more put together and I always get more compliments so I highly recommend it!



Submission by Natalie Moses, Cosmetology.

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