One of my favorite services is hair extensions. You can completely transform someones look with hair extensions. I learned to give a more thorough consultation through taking classes at WBI and through trial and error. Not every type of hair extensions work on different hair types and lifestyles. One lesson I learned after having a cop as a client is that a sew in weave was not going to work for her on a daily basis because she wore her hair up in a bun and would be running all day at work. It was to heavy and didn’t stay in the bun through all the movement day after day. I found Miss Pena to be very informative about the sew in technique that can last up to 6 weeks and does no damage to hair, and her vast knowledge of different types of extensions for different parts of the head. The sew in process is great for someone that does not know if they want to keep getting hair extensions and may not be able to come back to you for removal (Someone traveling to your salon from out town.) It is not a good method for someone with thinning hair, someone that does not want to feel hair extensions, or someone with extremely short hair.

The next method is protein bond which i find is great for someone with thinning hair and someone that wants a seamless application. It is not good for someone that pulls and tugs on there hair constantly. I always recommend a silk pillowcase with this procedure as some people tend to toss and turn at night and the silk will avoid roughness on the hair. Miss Pena even showed me how to create my own bonds and reuse the hair extensions.

Last but not least is tape in extensions the quickest of these services. You can take someone with above the shoulder hair and create a full head of extensions in under 1 hour. They are great for someone that wants to be cost effective as they can be reused easily. I would only recommend this method for someone that does not wear hair extensions year round.

Whether your choosing to do one type of extensions, or all three a thorough consultation is most important. Thanks Miss Pena for teaching me about this amazing service!