Is it just a weird stage in between short hair and Fabio locks? Is it for hipsters or cool kids? Or is it just hairstyle that is here to stay.

The man bun has know become so popular that now there are clip-on man buns. Please don’t do this though… it just means you are trying waaayyy too hard. So is it a fashion yes or a no. It depends on a few different factors.

Strong Jaw

If you’ve got a┬árectangular shaped face (NOT Square), a man bun will look alright on you. It will elongate your face, and might make you look taller.

Cultural Signifigance

Sumo Wrestler, General Chang from Mulan, or an eskimo tasked with helping the last airbender save the world?? (If you didn’t get that last reference, google the show, watch it, and thank me later). If the man bun is a part of who you are, then you don’t really have to defend it. It already works. A sumo wrestler with a buzz cut… that makes no sense whatsoever.

Already Hot

If you are really, really beautiful. I mean Chris Hemsworth looks like a garbage person compared to you. The Channing Tatum, Tyson Beckford, and those types of the world… a man bun will work. It will work because you’re already so hot, it won’t matter. It might even make you look better who knows.

I am of the opinion that no matter what your face looks like this style will never be the best for you (the hot rule is always an exception). However, some guys can live through a hair trend and jump on a bandwagon, others can’t.

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