There’s a whole aisle dedicated to do-it-yourself hair care in all convenience stores giving you tons of options to choose from! This makes the box dye route seem pretty alluring when deciding whether to  take your best shot at coloring your own hair or going to a professional. A new look is always fun to try, especially as the seasons change. But, there’s definitely pros and cons to dyeing your own hair.



  1. Affordable

    Box dye is, without a doubt, much more wallet-friendly. An entire hair dye kit will cost you no more than $20 (about the same amount as the tip for professional service).

  2. Convenient

    New hair color from the comfort of your own home? It doesn’t get more convenient than that. Only appointment you’ll need to make is with yourself.

  3. Simple

    The directions tend to be pretty straight forward and easy to follow.


  1. Rookie

    One obvious downside to dyeing your own hair is that you may not exactly know what you’re doing, you’re just following directions from a box. Your knowledge plays a role in many factors of the effectiveness of the dye and the process is not foolproof.

  2. Limited

    Hair dyes work differently on various shades of hair and it’s harder to achieve a drastic change to your color. So, your options may be a bit limited.

  3. Risky

    Since you are not a professional, any mistakes you make can be potentially costly. You could end up having to go to a colorist anyway but now you will also be paying for color correction instead of just the original color job.


No matter what you decide to do, always do a sufficient amount of research to prepare. And it doesn’t hurt to speak to a professional colorist, or even a professional in training like our Cosmetology students here at WBI!


In case  you didn’t know, we offer many chemical and color services at much cheaper rates than the average salon and all services are supervised by our instructors. Check out our Instagram to view some work by our students then come in for an appointment!


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