We’d like to proudly acknowledge one of our stand out manicuring students, Anastasiia, who has done phenomenal work throughout her Nail Technology program and will be graduating next Wednesday!

You have probably seen her work on our Instagram page! She really enjoys creating intricate nail designs that always have an artistic flair. Nails by Anastasiia definitely stand out!



Nail biting is a difficult habit to break and sometimes you may need some help from a knowledgeable and skilled nail tech like Anastasiia. She has worked wonders on some pretty bad cases of nail biting where most of the nail had been bitten off. Using a silk reconstruction technique, she is able to extend the nail creating a beautiful gel nail that you will not want to bite off! Not only do you get to enjoy a beautiful new set of nails but this will also help them to grow!


Our current group of Nail Technology students will be graduating soon and entering the professional world after receiving their licenses. Looking for nail techs for your salon? Post to our job board!

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