Have you ever wondered what color correction is and how it can be helpful to you as a stylist? Color correction is something that can be used during any artistic outlet that involves color. Knowing color correction pertains to me personally because I am aiming to become a stylist, more specifically a colorist. I would use the theory of color correction to assist me during the art of make up application or during the hair color process. It is important to be able to master this art because it can help you achieve your desired look. It is also important in case you make a mistake and you need to fix a color. On the color wheel, each color has a complementary color (which means it is that colors opposite color), and it will cancel out any tones that are not desired.


Red cancels out green, orange cancels out blue, yellow cancels out purple, green cancels out red, blue cancels out orange, and lastly purple cancels out yellow.



  • Doing a make up application on someones face who has red blotchy skin tone, put green make up on top of the red spots to cover them up under your foundation. Doing this will give the appearance of an even skin tone because green cancels out red.
  • Lightening someones hair and during the bleaching process the hair appears to have unflattering yellow tones, it is a good idea to use either purple toner or purple shampoo on the hair to cancel out the yellow tones. Doing this will give the desired color of blonde that you were hoping for.
  • To cover dark circles under your eyes during make up application, you can put yellow or even orange, (depending on the shade of the dark circles under your eyes), to cover up the darkness and make them appear brighter. This will make your client look more awake, much more youthful and refreshed, resulting in a happy client and more referrals!


As previously stated, knowing what colors cancel each other out is helpful to erase any mistakes and improve the appearance of the color you are creating. Color correcting is one of the most useful things to know and it is as simple as it sounds and can really make all the difference in perfecting your clients look!