Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect winged liner? Whenever I am walking down the street, watching my favorite television shows, or even scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed I always see women who have mastered the art of the winged liner! Now you may ask- how do these women get their lines as sharp as blades? The first step is all in figuring out what your eye shape is. Typically the different eye shapes are “Hooded eyes”, “Downturned eyes”, “Monolid eyes”, “Round eyes”, “Almond eyes”, and “Small eyes”.

Eye Shapes

For hooded eyes start from the outside first, then go inward, applying your liner in thin lines, being careful that the eyeliner eventually becomes thick enough to not become lost in the hood of the eye. For downturned eyes, it is best to start in the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye in a thin line. For the wing, draw your eyeliner out, then up to the crease. For monolid eyes, it is best to have a thicker winged look by adding layer after layer until you look and feel your best. For round eyes, it is best to start from the outer edge of the eye and draw at a downward angle toward the eye’s inner corner. If you have almond eyes like me, it is best to draw your eyeliner from the inner corner all the way across the lash line. Then, flick it out and make sure to stop at the tip where your crease starts. For small eyes, it is best to expand the eyes by doing a double wing. Draw your liner along your upper lash line, then make a small flick outward at the outer edge of the eye. Then for your bottom wing line, draw a line from the middle of the bottom lash line, continuing it a bit past the outer corner. For all of these different eye shapes you can even add a pop or color to your eyes! I personally like to add hints of gold, turquoise blue, emerald green or burnt orange to pair with my dark brown eyes- if I’m feeling daring. The winged eyeliner look is a timeless look that truly never goes out of style! With these tips for every eye shape, you truly can’t go wrong!


Submission by:

Natalie Moses, Cosmetology