How To Find The Right Salon After Cosmetology School
Mrs. Kristine, a senior cosmetology instructor from Western Beauty Institute says…….  

I encourage my students to start investigating salons that interest them before finishing school. Take a moment, stop by and go inside the salon. Speak with the owner and other stylists who are already employed at the salon. Let the owner know, that you may be interested in possibly working at their salon after graduation.

On your visit, look for easy parking access and then ask yourself these questions;

–          Can you see the salon from the street clearly?

–          Is the salon busy with clients and how many of them are walk-ins?

–          How long has this salon been in business? (You’re looking for at least 2 years.)

–          Are the clients the type of clients you’re interested in working with?

Let the owner know what other special interest you have to offer, such as makeup, certification in colorist, barbering, and nails.  Have your portfolio and resume ready to go, with all your certificates, from events/competitions to pictures.

***Imposition side note***
Make sure your dress like a professional! It’s very important you look appropriate.

Visit as many salons as it takes before choosing, “Attitudes Hair Salon” Had a job for me right after graduation. As you visit different salons you will know which one is right for you.

Different Types of Salon

  • Salons such as Supercuts, pay stylists hourly (Around minimum wage plus benefits.)
    Working at Supercuts is a good way to build clientele and still have an income.
  • Salons offering “Assisting Jobs”
    A good way to build clientele, have hourly wage, and gain on the job experience/extra training.
  • Commission 50% / 50% split
    Salon is paid 50%
    Stylist is paid 50%
  • Once you have built enough clientele, a stylist may choose to rent a booth from a salon. Then the booth becomes your own little business and with hard work and the well to be successful most stylist will make very good money.

Follow your heart and your instincts……….

 If you feel something’s is not right, keep your options open and look into other salons.

When a stylist walks into a salon and says, “This is it; this is where I want to work.” That is the right salon for that stylist ……….