On October 16, Western Barber Institute students participated under two categories at the Barristar competition: the barber competition and the styled dollhead competition. The event was very exciting and inspiring and we will definitely be attending future competitions. We had a big turnout of competitors and student support! Big thanks to every one who came out to show support.


Fantasy Style Doll Head by Fanny

Fantasy Style Doll Head by Fanny Cruz

Wedding Style Doll Head by Anthony

Wedding Style Doll Head by Anthony Vernon

These are the submissions for the fantasy hairstyle and wedding hairstyle dollhead competition. Both styles are beautiful and creative and, in our opinion, were the best! Although their submissions did not win first prize, they definitely proved to be good competition. Good job guys!

Pictured below are some of our participants in the barber competition. Western Barber Institute had the most representation with almost a dozen contestants ready to win it all.

Cut by Robert

Cut by Robert Gallo

Emerson and his model

Emerson with model.

Cut by Eddie

Cut by Eddie Montes.

Aaron, 3rd place

Aaron Samonte, 3rd place.

2nd place cut by Benito

2nd place cut by Benito Becerra.

Robert Gallo

Robert Gallo during competition.

Cut by Emerson Ang

Cut by Emerson Ang.


Eddie Montes during competition.

3rd place cut by Aaron

3rd place cut by Aaron Samonte.


Benito Becerra during competition.