We can all appreciate beautifully, well-done hair, but what about the hairdresser responsible? We decided to speak with our cosmetology student, Estelle, about what she loves about cosmetology! Her passion for hair care and makeupis obvious and we wanted to learn more about what made her choose to pursue a career in cosmetology and what she love most about what she does!

What do you love about doing hair and makeup?

I love doing what I do because I find a passion in it. When I was younger, I used to pick something up, be
into it for a couple weeks to a month then move onto something else. With hair, makeup, etc. I’ve always
found myself getting more and more drawn to it as time goes on and as I learn more.

What inspires your work?

What inspires my work is the creativity I have to put in. When clients send me pictures of what they
want done to their hair or makeup I instantly play in my head on what and how I will be doing it. I also
love the feeling of seeing my clients leave my chair satisfied and happy with the end result of their

Why did you choose WBI?

I chose WBI because I actually had a friend graduate from here and she told me how much she loved
it. I was very picky in choosing my schools though I was very open minded towards WBI. I decided on
WBI mainly because it fits my school budget perfectly and the atmosphere was amazing once I
stepped foot into the school. Since day 1, I have yet to have a bad day. I enjoy each day and love
learning and being with my peers. WBI is an amazing school and I’m more than happy that I chose this

Do you have any inspirational quotes you live by?

Yes. Speak your dreams into existence!

Up to just last year I was always afraid to let my family know that what I wanted to
do in life didn’t include being a doctor, nurse, lawyer or teacher; but it was to be a cosmetologist. I
knew I wasn’t happy and that I wasn’t doing what was best for myself and my future so I knew I had to
do something about it. Little did I know that my parents were always one step behind me and fully
supported my ideas of Cosmetology ((with a bit of convincing and compromising of course)). Now I can
really say that I am speaking MY dreams into existence and I’m at the best I’ve ever been.

Estelle is a talented and creative student with a bright future ahead! Follow her work on instagram at @estelle_hairmakeup