Summer brings all the fun outdoor activities that Southern Californian’s love; surfing, volleyball, hiking, beach days, and more. These activities are all a part of the active lifestyle we lead. What often isn’t a part of that lifestyle is sunscreen.

During the summer months sunscreen should be routine especially because the sun is out for more hours of the day. But why don’t people use it? The problem is usually confusion. Which SPF is the right choice?

SPF stands for sun protection factor; which translates to the amount of time you can spend in the sun. For example if your skin burns after 15 minutes an SPF of 15 will allow you 15 more minutes of time before you burn. The American Cancer Society recommends using a daily sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 or higher. You should re-apply when you’re doing outdoor activities about every 90 minutes, more often if you’re in the water or sweating.

Sunscreen alone isn’t enough to protect your skin from burns. Make sure you always wear a wide brimmed hat, clothes that cover your skin, and seek shade whenever possible. Following these steps should ensure a summer filled with fun instead of sunburns.