We’ve all had made some terrible hair decisions. The military cut, the my little pony inspired purple hair dye, the pulled back look that just didn’t come back?? Thankfully, none of us are celebrities, so our bad decisions came and went. Let’s countdown the top 10 worst celebrity hair decisions. Let’s see if your number one is the same as ours.

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10: The Felicity Cut:

Technically, this was a choice made by producers, not a celebrity. However, it was the “Haircut heard roun’ the world”. It’s argued that because of this haircut – the show was canceled and it completely threw Keri Russell’s career off track. Her career didn’t bounce back for ELEVEN YEARS!! Now, she is on the amazing and critically acclaimed show Americans, and no one is thinking of cutting her hair…EVER.


9. Lindsay Lohan’s Blonde Hair

The difference between nice, innocent Lindsay and crazy, drugged Lindsay? Red and blond. Remember Mean Girls (best movie ever by the way. The Clueless for millenials). Lindsay had her red hair and all of her mental faculties.But, when she went blond she went crazy. Now, blond haired-Lindsay just looks like a sad addict.

8. Kesha’s Heat Miser

I love a good mohawk on a girl, but this isn’t it. Kesha’s hair looks like she purposefully stuck a fork into an electrical socket. However, props to her on the eye smolder. Kesha has since fallen off, although it’s due more to her sleazeball producer than her hairstyle. I hope she comes out with a new album that rocks.

7. Mel B-Dazzled

One word: NO. Change that, two words: HELL NO. Although I don’t think this is the look that gave her the name ‘Scary Spice’, I can definitely see the scary. . I  think this is unacceptable here and the across the pond.



6.  Carrot Top

I personally don’t find this guy funny, but when you make a terrible hairstyle a part of your schtick you messed up. I guess he is forced to have that ugly carrot top forever…

5. Kaley Cuoco

It was big and there were bangs, although I don’t get the theory behind this look. I can’t really put my finger on exactly why it’s so hideous which is why it nabbed the number 4 spot. Bangs can be beautiful and so can big hair. But this…. I just. I can’t look at it anymore.

4. Cornrow it like Beckham

The only reason why this is so high is because I know how beautiful David Beckham really is. And if a hairstyle can turn a legitimate ten into a three? That hairstyle is seriously wrong. I can’t talk about it anymore, because I just can’t stand to look at this picture.

3. Katherine Heigl

I think we can universally agree that as an actress this woman is less liked than Mel Gibson, Hannah Baker, the person who casted Ben Affleck as Batman, and the jury that acquitted O.J. So, you need to always bring the looks because you just don’t have personality to fall back on. However, here she just falls short. I’ll never forgive you Izzie for break Alex’s heart.

2. Shia Lebeouf

The rat tail was bad this is much worse. Remember when he went through that phase where he put lunch bag over his face? Maybe this is what he was hiding. Just no.

1. Britney Spears

We all know what I’m talking about. Probably the most famous terrible hairstyle of my generation. I mean if you broke up with Channing Tatum, maybe I would get it. But it’s K-Fed. The fall-out from the hair cost Britney her celebrity status, pop princess moniker, and worst of all her children.  She was placed in a psychiatric facility and it took over seven years for her to regain custody of her children. While she isn’t number one in the music game again, she’s got a residency in Las Vegas rolling in steady bucks and life is definitely looking up for her.